My Story: A Mum on a Mission

Today is another opportunity to live a brilliant and purpose-driven life. As the founder of Mission Driven Mums, I’m excited to show you just how.

My name is Karen and I am a mum on a mission.  My mission is to show busy moms like you how you can share your power with the world, fulfill your dreams and spend time with your children while earning a steady source of income.

Before starting Mission Driven Mums, I worked in the corporate world for several years. My fast-paced, high-speed, high-pressure career eventually led me to a crossroads. It seemed as if I was expected to choose between having a career or being there for the most special moments in my child’s life. This ignited a passion in me – one that made me fervently look for a better way. A way that I could still generate a source of income and be there to see my children grow up and not miss any of the special moments.

I’m excited to say that what I’ve discovered I now get the opportunity to share with many others who are looking for a way to live a better and more fulfilled and passionate life saying Yes to so much more for themselves and family.

As a busy mum of a 3-year old and a 1-year old, I spend as much time as I want with my children while working part-time in stolen moments around my children to help inspire other Mums that there is a better way to provide for our families and or contribute to our households. I’m passionate to show other hard-working, determined mummies how to stop struggling, enjoy life and financially contribute. It’s my goal to help you throw open the doors that have been in your way and discover the crucial secret to turning your dreams into a reality.

Remember: if nothing changes, nothing changes. Being an inspiration for your children is what Mums do best. Even when life gives you setbacks, as a determined mum you get back up and dust yourself off. You fight for your children and power forward to find a better way always.

What if this could be your better way? Your way to happiness, fulfillment, better finance and opportunities for you and your children?  Imagine having a tribe of women around you who want to see you succeed?

So I ask you this, if not this, then what? When are you going to allow yourself to SHINE as you should?

If you are curious and would like to know more then please register your interest below and I will personally be in contact to talk about how I can help you create the life of your dreams in less than an hour a day around your work commitments and or family.

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An overview of our business

In our business the average earnings are between $2,000 and $4,000 in the first 60-90 days. 

This is the opportunity to own a franchise with a company that has been in business for 40+ years with a product that has been around for more than 25 years. 
This isn’t a pyramid scheme… they were made illegal in 1977.. 

This is not a get rich quick scheme

This isn’t a business where you hold stock, hunt your friends or need to make any minimum quota.. 

This is a business where we will teach you how to help people that want to look good, feel good and get their health on track. 

We are a business where we teach you to use social media, your phone, and our virtual office to market the most scientifically researched whole food product in the world and help others to do the same. 

It is a business made up of lots of mummies just like myself… its a real opportunity to create an abundant life and surround yourself with one of the most amazing communities all of whom have created this in stolen moments around families and other jobs.


What I love about this business is that I get to work collectively with women who have a passion for helping others and who's drive & determination is highly infectious. This business to me is about women empowering women, showing society that women can have the choices to equally be successful all while raising our babies. Big love.
For me this opportunity has given me that piece of ME back, you know that piece that gets lost after having children, not really sure where you fit in in the world again. It gives me the opportunity to stay at home with my youngest until she starts school and also be at all the school events for my eldest. This just wouldn't happen with a traditional job! It gives me financial independence from my husband but also the chance to help and take the financial pressure off him. The thing I love most are the people I've met. The ...
I love that in this business you are accepted as you are, that you are surrounded by an incredible community of like minded people who believe in you before you believe in yourself. This business truly delivers on dreams in a platform that allows you to work and contribute, no matter your lifestyle or other commitments. It fulfils both my passion and purpose while being able to help, inspire, empower and impact others.
Since saying yes to this opportunity it has allowed me to continue being a stay at home mum to my 2 beautiful children. I have been able to create an income working from home around my busy family life and am now creating a life that only others dream of. I know that I will never have to go back to work for someone else and build their dreams. I am building am empire of my own. The sky is the limit and my family's future looks bright.

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